Widemouth Coffee to open eyes as well. 


When we started the West End Twilight Markets, one of our goals was to give people a place where they could contribute. We hoped that we would inspire people to take up projects that had been collecting dust, or even go that one step further and seduce the project yet-to-be-dared out into the open.


I can recall friends of mine keenly wishing to be a part of WETM, and during that time we saw genuinely new stalls emerge in the Brisbane scene. Although Zine seem to be popping up here and there, I can't recall them at markets regularly before the WETM. WETM hosted what I also believe to be the first: areopress coffee only stall, market-first collage garden, and to this day the only dedicated 4zzz Brisbane Music Stall.


These were all ideas from people who wanted to make a difference, wanted to do something for people that they knew others wanted, but there wasn't an outlet for them to be concieved yet. Daniel Strelan was one of these many inspirational people in the journey, beginning with plans for a Sourdough Culture store and now two years on, we get the priviledge of even just in a small way, being part of Daniel's endeavour - Widemouth Coffee. 


Daniel explains that Widemouth is his favourite type of fermenting jar, but quickly clarifies that it really "represents a philosophy - an attitude and way of life. The mouth is open in wonder, open to taste and receive the nectar of life". The thing about Daniel is that he never gives up. He puts others to shame with his tenacity for life and his demand for value based sucess!


When you ask him why he does what he does, he responds quite simpy "I like to make coffee, I like to make icecream, I love superfoods and beer and I'm a nutritionist". How many of us can make the claim that we do what we do because we like it. That right there is what this project is about and it is why Daniel will be joining us for his WETM debut this Saturday and is already a success.


Daniel's sucess is multifold though, with his coffee project representing many bussinesses in the area who are also local champions. This weekend he will be using coffee from Cup Specialty Coffee and chocolate from Bunker. He explains that people like Josh (from Cup Specialty Coffee) and Marcus (from Bunker) have been "absolute champions of the local scene and have always been keen to support something new. I have a lot of gratitude for those guys". 


"It's the warm drinks you love from the local boys this week, but expect much more from Widemouth in the future".


Now all that is left, is to come and try it for yourself. Daniel will be serving these treats (along with many others still to come) from this Saturday the 27th of July, 4pm - 9pm at WETM. See you then! 






The Blood Rocking the Suburbs, just like their fans knew they would.



'Bursting at the seams with exuberance and funky energy' - TimeOff 



When I think of MonkiBlood, my first thought is quite simply 'special band'. And even more special, is this brand-spanking new clip they layed down at none other than the Hangar (i.e. the home of the West End Twilight Markets). But that's really the story I'll be telling people in years to come, when these guys are rocking the globe and I am name dropping ;) Speaking of names, their name gives you a glimpse of what you are are in for (MonkiBlood is the irish translation for "wear two pairs of socks"). However, as the band put's it: LET’S JUST GET THIS OVER WITH - MonkiBlood is no metal band. What is simply a colourful colloquialism for red win and a homage to tree-climbing memories, translates awkwardly to a metal-stained disdain for monkeys.


Now that I think about it, it makes alot of sense really. 


The truth is - Sepultura shirt or tie dye - Monkiblood’s energised brand of funk, punk ‘n’ roll converts those angry first impressionists into a tranced tribe, eager to soak up the energy of a live show they won’t forget. After 2 EPs, the Rumble in the Jungle east-coast tour & support slots including Royal Crown Revue (US), Mad Caddies (US), COG, TISM, Spiderbait, Bluejuice, ElephantMojo, Marcia Hines and Citizen Dog, the Blood.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the clip you are about to watch is their first commercial release and film clip for Man’s Been Crazy. 


 See the clip here


MBC is a raucous funk ‘n’ blues tune; a passionate guitar driven commentary on mankind’s torture of the earth with hooks from a lively hammond, Paul’s trademark blues-funk fusion vocals, a devastating Gregory Brothers’ rhythm section and the debut of dance sensation, the ‘Space Invader.’ 

You won't get to seem them at the WETM, however, if you want to see The Blood, they will be back on the road for an east coast tour in June/July to celebrate the release of the Man’s Been Crazy single and film clip, with help from good friends Suicide Swans, Warchief, Glass Ocean, Jackson Dunn and Nativo Soul. If you aren't sure what you are in for... here's a few comments from those who have been there and done that! 


'Bold, trippy, trancy funksters who live to play'

'The joy is obvious: the positivity CONTAGIOUS' - Jager Uprising

'An intense aerobic class' - Excited fan




4ZZZ Brisbane Music Stall and The Sunroom present:


Monkiblood: Man’s Been Crazy Tour 2013


Fri 28 June - Beach Road Hotel, Bondi 

Sat 29 June - Great Northern, Newcastle w/ Warchief, Glass Ocean & Nativo Soul 

Sun 30 June - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ Warchief, Glass Ocean & Nativo Soul

 Fri 5 July - The Loft, Gold Coast w/ Suicide Swans, Jackson Dunn & Just Monday

Sat 6 July - Beetle Bar, Brisbane (Epilepsy QLD fundraiser) w/ Suicide Swans & Jackson Dunn


TOUR DETAILS:  www.facebook.com/monkiblood 


PRESS, INTERVIEWS, HIGH-RES:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.