Feature Event: Soulstice One Year On

Event Feature:

November 17th 

**Please note, this is not a regular market, but a ticketed event open to the public**

After a huge year, including a sold out winter concert series and a performance at the exclusive PITCH PERFECT premiere, Soulstice is pumped to be inviting you back to the WEST END TWILIGHT MARKETS for our final show of 2012.

 ** LIMITED SEATS! GET YOURS AT https://register.eventarc.com/11729/soulstice-one-year-on **

We’ve got awesome new covers from Justin Timberlake and Kanye, we’re reliving our 90’s childhood and we’ll take you all the way back to the smooth sounds of the 60’s. Come have a drink with us and see what Brisbane’s hottest a Cappella-ites have been up to this year!


Hangar (home of the West-End Twilight Markets), Corner Wilson and Boundary St

Doors open 6.30pm
Show begins 7.30pm

Tickets: $15, $10 concession, available at https://register.eventarc.com/11729/soulstice-one-year-on ... and at the door.

Drinks will be available during the show!

Afterwards, we'd love for you to join us at the Loft in West End. Details here:https://www.facebook.com/events/303322179782515/




Sep 22nd Boundary Street "Block Party"

West End Block Party


BOOM. Whatever. I can hardly believe it myself... the Boundary Street Festival is back :) To be honest though, it is not really a suprise if you have met Darren Godwell and the WECA team. What an inspirational fellar, and it is no wonder that the festival (and his clever crew) have come together to present to the community something really special. The block party will feature DJ's, Circus acts, kids activities, across four stages... and of course, one of those stages is inside the West End Twilight Markets. The markets that day will be pretty super, and we welcome our favourite kicking ass girlfriend Emma Dean and her sweet new act "Geppetto".

The great thing about this festival is that although it is revamped and ready to rumble, it also respects its roots  and has yet again decided to honour the communities wealth of talent, by celebrating of artists returns to heart of West End. A Revival of the original spirit that fostered Boundary Street Festival, West End Block Party promotes proud local traditions of inclusiveness, diversity and respect.

 Testament to the wide variety of creativity of 4101, this event will feature musicians, circus performers, spoken word artists, visual artists and markets, kids activities and much more.

Hosted by West End Community Association with the support of local traders and licensed premises the event will be safe, fun, all ages and bloody everything friendly :) 

Aiba★ALLFX★Andrew Markwell★Andy Dub★Bella the Bookworm★Bimblebox Bird Workshop★Bitch-O★Blunt Instrument★Breaking Hart Benton★Choon Goonz★Chris Anderson★Chris Maver★Darkwing Dubs★Dawn Daylight★Die Rude★Dubmarine★Electrik Lemonade★Georgia Potter★Georgia Rose★Geppetto★Heroin SS★Ice Cream Factory Circus★Jo Rivermouth★Jodie Cowie★Josh Donellan★Judith Lannigan★Karl Williams★Katia Demeester★Kenetik Dance★Kingfisha★Kooii★Liam Niko★Lita and the Bird★Luna Junction★Marissa Giannake★Mark Shortis★Matchstick★Michelle Clifford★Mouldy Lovers★Ned Chandler-Mather★Ofa Fanaika★One Dragon Two Dragon★Pastel Blaze★Pat Tierney★Plastic Wood★Reverend Hellfire★Rusty Datsuns★Sawtooth★Schoolfight★Selecta Bing★Selecta Watson★Shahmaran★Slim Jim★Smoking Martha★Spent Rent★Stef Petrik★Stephen Ribero★Strangers★Sugar Rock★Sultans of Croon-eye★Tape & Staples Culture Map Workshop★The Super Poets★Tin Can Radio★Velvet11★Vespyro★Wallow★wheeleR★Will Watson★WotTdF

Stay tuned, as we annouce more info, more feature stalls, for what will be a must-be in West End September 22!! 

For more info visit: West End Block Party 


Aug 18th 4zzz BaZZZar (Radiothon) 

(Published by WETM and sourced 4zzz, July 30 - 2012) 

West End Twilight Markets and 4zzz partner up, to host the 4zzz BaZZZar Radiothon on August 18th. WETM is super duper excited to have the honour of hosting this event, with the 4zzz crew to shake up West End with markets, music, the bar of happiness (of course) and probably a few too many goodies and prizes (honestly, there is so much to win, buyin g a ticket will almost guarentee you something!)

For over 36 years, 4ZZZ has kept the community informed off the back of generous donations and subscriptions from you guys. As you can imagine, the costs of running an independent community radio station are large and each August, 4ZZZ hosts a subscription drive to entice subscribers and supporters to gain much needed financial support to continue providing radio access to the community. WETM is happy to be a part of the Fun Day this year (the BaZZZar)! 

If you are a passionate listener and or just a community member who loves to see the little guys do well... take the chance to subscribe during Radiothon (Aug this year). It’s a great chance to win fantastic incentive prizes donated by generous sponsors for station’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

4ZZZ proudly supports local bands, businesses, artists and events (including WETM) while playing the newest and most respected independent music and sourcing the latest in independent and alternative news and current affairs. 4ZZZ also provides training for volunteers who want to be part of a pro-active media organisation, all of which would not be possible without the support of its subscribers.

Check out just a nick of what you could win (subscriber fees below)! And come along to the Radiothon to have a good time, grab a bargain and listen to some good tunes :) 

4zzz BMS

$15 - Under 18s, International and Pet Subscription
$33 - Concession or Interstate Subscription
$55 - Full Subscription
$80 - Community Group, Solo Musician and Artworkers Subscription
$130 - Passionate or Business Subscription
$155 - Band Subscription

Note: These sub prices and new categories will come into effect on August 1, 2012.


Valued at over $50,000!


A very special thanks goes to these businesses for providing our fantastic major prizes (all Under 18’s, Concession, Full and Passionate subscribers can chose which weekly draw they would like to enter):


One Dendy Annual Gold Pass (entry for two people and valid until July 2013). Dendy Cinemas is regarded as Australia's leading Art House cinema and is the home of quality cinema.


Includes Flight Centre Voucher for $1000, and 1 week sea side accommodation plus & introductory diving course for two people at Koh Rong Island in Cambodia, an ecologically sustainable large scale resort community thanks to Cambodian Diving Group




Stallholder Feature: YELP

(Updated July 17 - Written by WETM, June 21 - 2012) 

We recently met with Ms Yelp Brisbane (AKA Lani) to talk to her about what Yelp is and what are all about. It was a lovely experience, and just between you and me, prior to meeting Lani I only new of Yelp as something happening elsewhere in the world. I was quickly relieved to find out this was actually true for the most part, as despite Yelp being founded back in 04, it has only in the last year made its debut on Brisbane soil. 

So what is Yelp? Well their mission is to connect local business and people, and for a little project like ours... we like. It is almost seems ridiculous that Yelp worldwide had approximately 71 million monthly unique visitors in the first Quarter of 2012 and that to date, Yelpers have written over 27 million local reviews. 

To help celebrate going local in Brisbane, Yelp did a stall on June 23 at the West End Twilight Markets, where we were all able to gobble on free candy necklaces!! 

If you missed Yelp for a check in that day, You are still able to get the Yelp app for home, with it petty much avaiilable on all systems e.g. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and for more, so simply visit their website a to get connected www.yelp.com.au 


West End Twilight Markets Team. 

PS ROOST as a feature will return soon! 

(Written by WETM, June 12 - 2012) 

Well.. this feature comes with good and bad news. Sadly Kombi Koffein have had to step away from WETM. Not forever and are still long lost lovers of ours, BUT the Van and its crew-members have a few things that need their love and support more at the moment and so we wish them the best.

The silver lining is that WETM has now been fortunate enough to garner the wonderful services of Roost, and as such, have gained one of Brisbanes Premier Barista's Matt Vale (and his illustrious crew). It seemed that Matt and the Roost crew were deserving of this weeks feature. And so, we thought we would give you a teaser of what is come coffee wise on June 23. Otherwise, check this space, as Sally treks to the Menagerie tomorrow to interview him in his home away from home. 


West End Twilight Markets Team. 

Stallholder Feature: Kombi Koffein

(Written by Rachel Muir, Glad n' Phil, May 29 - 2012) 

Serving up coffee with a retro twist was not something Justin and Ora owners, co-pilots and navigators of Kombi Koffein ever envisaged for their future. However it is something they seem to be enviably good at, frothing up milk and grinding coffee from inside their 1970s Volkswagen van, Muriel. She’s a beautiful old girl, sandy beige with red, white and black detailing, carefully styled with a matching striped awning. The attention to detail and friendly attitude alongside their delicious coffee, traditional style sodas and spicy chai help this duo create a unique experience wherever they go. Justin and Ora found time to catch up with us recently amidst their busy Saturday morning.

What’s the best thing someone’s said about your business? “That it’s authentic. It’s the best compliment someone could give us because it means we’re real”.

Who are your heros? Ora – “My mum! She’s always given us support when we’ve needed it”. Justin – “I’m more Richard Branson than Steve Jobs”.

What inspires you? “Getting people excited about what we do and making them happy just by having a coffee with us. We have one customer who drives all the way from Aspley to West End to visit us”.

How did Kombi Koffein start? “We met at Woolworths both searching for something. We were going to do a retro Laundromat café but it wasn’t viable. Justin’s dad said to us, why don’t you do a coffee van instead, we bought Muriel (our van) in Noosa and the rest is history”.

What’s in the works for the future? “We’d like to develop more vehicles and have them in places like the laneways of Melbourne, and Bondi”.

What’s one thing we should know about you? “We weren’t really into coffee before we started Kombi Koffein. In fact we actually gave it up while we were working at Woolworths because it was so bad”.

What was it like quitting your day jobs? “It was a leap of faith, quite scary too!”

What were you like when you were kids? Ora – “I was fearless; I use to wear winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. I did a lot of exploring, I had a lot of pets and I use to ride my bike endlessly”. Justin – “I was into drawing and animals and always wore lots of hats. I was always a bit of a weird kid who would oscillate between being shy and being a show off”.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do? “It’s unique!”

To find out more about Kombi Koffein visit www.kombikoffein.com or check them out on Facebook

Previously Featured (December, 2011): 


On a warm Sunday afternoon a few weekends ago we had the pleasure of meeting with one of our stallholders for a crash course in the delicate art of macaroon baking. These beautifully hued little bombs of bliss occupy the space somewhere in between a melting moment and a chewy meringue, and with flavours like after dinner mint, lavender, queensland summer, and black forest, are quite like nothing else! West End Twilight Markets is proud to announce a brand new cutey-chic specialty macaroon stall called Morceau run by a beautiful little local baker called Laura.  

Laura:     By definition Morceau (say it like ‘mor-so’) is a piece of something; both in terms of a sugar cube (morceau de sucre), piece of cake (morceau de gateau) and also a piece of music!

Wetm:     It’s a beautiful name…we really like it.

Laura:     Why thank you.

Wetm:        When did you first taste a macaron?
Laura:     When I was 16 on exchange in France. My host-girl Laura-Fleur introduced me to macarons in a little boulangerie in Bordeaux. I tried to find the same boulangerie the next day before I left and just COULD NOT FIND IT!!! I was so sad!

Wetm:        What flavour was it?

Laura:    It was a burnt caramel flavour...Mmmm. I had to banish the taste from my memory after I had accepted that I would never taste it again (unless I return to bordeaux -which I will!). I thought that if I tried to forget the taste, it would mean I wouldn't miss it...that theory does not work!

Wetm:        That sounds seriously sad. Was that the start of the beautiful friendship?

Laura:        I suppose so. I just really liked them from that moment on.

Wetm:        How did you learn to make Macarons?
Laura:    Research and persistence. There is definitely an art to it - perfecting the shell is the hard part. There is a very fine line between the mixture being under-mixed and over-mixed. Making sure the biscuit is right au naturel without any flavours to masque its flaws is a good way to start. Then it's time to play around with the flavours - the fun part!

Wetm:        Your flavours are very innovative, how do you pick them?

Laura:    The flavour combinations keep popping into my head and they are just fun to play around with. There are the 'must haves’ such as espresso, chocolate, citron; and then there are the more obscure ones like ginger bread, bonoffey pie, maple & pecan, rosewater, and lavender, among others. You can pretty much turn any taste into a macaron!

Wetm:        We are salivating. Is it a tricky process to make them?  

Laura:    I suppose, yes, it is tricky. Mainly because it's a matter of having the self-control to stop mixing or the confidence to mix it that little bit more. In my opinion it is mandatory to experience the trial and error (lots of error) part of the macaron-making process. It really heightens the satisfaction of opening the oven door and at last seeing that little foot on the bottom of the macaron (a huge acheivement). So I think that if you want to become macaron conniseur you just have to start playing, make many mistakes, and learn from them.

Wetm:     The idea of experimentation is very important to West End Twilight Markets, what excites you about w.e.t.m?

Laura:     I am excited to see who has been hiding in the woodwork. It's a really nice opportunity for people, who would not necessarily take the plunge to go solo in starting up a business, to share their 'thing' with the rest of Brisbane- be it macarons, coffee, collecting, collage, whatever....  I’m excited to give Brisbane a ‘go-to’ stall for fine macarons - for colour and flavour innovations that will really tantalise the taste buds. I really like pretty things...and I like food...so the macaron pleases me more than words can say.

Wetm:    And us too! Thank you for sharing your process with us.

You can find Morceau at West End Twilight Markets this Saturday December 17th and then again in the new year. Laura takes orders (and is doing a xmas special), and would love to help you make your next party memorable with a little taste of Bordeaux!