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Jen L.'s Review

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    It was only a matter of time before West End had it's very own twilight market dedicated to all things cool, eclectic and creative. It houses young fledging designers, artists and the like. It draws in the fashion crowd, the arty folk and those who just want to experience a little more culture in this city. 

    My favourite thing about this market is the fact that it is a twilight market, luring crowds during a romantic sunset... Why wouldn't you feel the love at a time like this? Upon approaching the twilight market you get a waft of sweet baked treats hanging in the summer air, the ethnic fusions teasing passer-by's and the sounds of music and happiness echoing through the old West End. 

    It's a great place to gather. Where designers, inventors, bakers, musicians and so can meet the people who appreciate and support them, people like us. As Brissy peeps, I'm sure you would agree we  are proud to have a community of creative people and that's why the West End Twilight Market is a fantastic addition to this city.


Emma H's Review

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    When you already frequent the huge Davies Park Markets of a Saturday morning, coming along to the much smaller Twilight Markets in West End seems a little pointless. This said, there are some nice clothing stalls, some good food, a live band and good atmosphere, so who knows, these markets might grow into something bigger. Plus having some markets to wander through on a Saturday evening is a nice alternative to going out drinking.

    I quite like the second-hand clothes stores that are set up there. It's all fairly hand-picked, ie. "vintage" clothing, but isn't too badly priced. I bought a high-waisted, 80s skirt from one of the stalls for $40 and it's in really good nick.

    There's a CD stall, a tarot reader, a stall selling old bits of crockery, a guy selling popcorn, a wood-fired pizza stall--quite a few different things, but it is dominated a bit by clothing.

    Definitely worth checking out, but plan to grab a drink or ice cream after, as you can't occupy yourself for too long at these little markets.


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Brisbane Queensland

5.0 star rating

West End is my adopted home.

The more bohemian sector of Brisbane, 
West End accepted me as a wayward teenager into her tattooed and patient arms 
and I fell in love.

(Where else would you see a man walking a pot-bellied pig? Find 10 coffee shops within 1km? Or get a falafel roll for $3?) 

An example of this undefinable "West-End-ness" came together in the form of the new West End Twilight Markets.
Conveniently located on Boundary Rd, 
This place is bursting with an eclectic mix of music, crafts, clothes and excellent tukka.
(Your stomach will weep little food tears of happiness when you try the Mother Africa Stall, Or ANY of the baked treats on offer.) 

Bring your friends,
this is THE place to be on a saturday night.